Thanks Obama


#ThanksObama. I have never been sad about the end of a U.S. presidential era until now that President Barack Obama's second and final term has ended. Oh, how I already miss the classy Barack and Michelle Obama. My unhappiness has nothing to do with incoming president Donald Trump and the divisiveness and uncertainty his win has caused around the country and the globe. I truly didn't want the Obamas to go because I see me when I look at them. … [Read more...]

I Believe Donald Trump Accuser Natasha Stoynoff

Natasha Stoynoff Donald Trump

I never hesitated to believe Natasha Stoynoff when I first read that she was the People reporter who accused Donald Trump of forcing himself on her in December 2005. Natasha’s unsettling, first-person account now explains why I, and not she, was assigned to interview Donald and Melania Trump for People in April 2006. … [Read more...]

Two Years Without Lucy, the Best Petsetter Ever!

Today marks the second anniversary of the unexpected loss of Lucy, the best petsetter ever! Honestly, I thought today was the third anniversary. It seems like the hole she left in my heart has been there for much longer than 730 days. I constantly relive the shocking moment when she took her last breath and died as I held her. Why won't that memory fade? Do I want it to? … [Read more...]

My Tears Aren’t Awake Yet

My tears aren’t awake yet. Those words were the final sentence of a short Facebook status update I posted at 5:30 a.m. from Rome’s Fiumicino Airport as I prepared to return to the United States after a fabulous nine days in Italy. It was time to say arrivederci to Italy. It was also too early to cry. … [Read more...]

A Year in Napa Valley

As July 30 winds down, I can't let the night slip away without acknowledging what this date means to me. Today marks my one-year anniversary living in the Napa Valley, and what a blast I've had these last 12 months. From making new friends (not to be confused with acquaintances) to carving out a new career for myself  to swimmingly adjusting to life in small town Rutherford, this has been a most memorable 365 days.  … [Read more...]

It’s Mamba Day! Kobe, thank you for the memories

Kobe Bryant went from punk to prince during his phenomenal career as a Los Angeles Laker. I was fortunate enough to witness the transformation. On Mamba Day, as Los Angeles prepares to bid a fond farewell to the mega-superstar athlete in his final NBA game on April 13, capping 20 years of wearing purple and gold, I’m remembering my moments with him as I fly down to LA to cheer for him one last time. … [Read more...]

Now I Know Why Rutherford

“Why Rutherford?” is the question baffled people asked me when I told them I lived in the tiny town in the Napa Valley. “Why not St. Helena, Yountville or the city of Napa,” they wondered. I never had much of an answer except to say, I was looking on Craigslist for a house to rent in Yountville and came across a listing for Rutherford, which stated in the ad that the house was between Yountville and St. Helena. The house turned out to be perfect so here I am! … [Read more...]

Remembering Wilkes Bashford

Being that I've only been in the Bay Area a few years, I didn't know the iconic Wilkes Bashford nearly as long or as well as so many of the people whom I'm certain are shedding tears—just like me—as they learn of his passing. Yet in the short amount of time that I've been here, he touched me like few have in my lifetime, for that was the kind of man Wilkes Bashford was—so incredibly kind, giving, loving and downright honest. … [Read more...]

The one-year anniversary of Lucy’s death

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the sudden passing of my pooch Lucy, aka Lucy Loo, Lucia, The Royal Bitch and Lucifer. More often than I know I should, I still replay her final days in my head, wondering if there was something I could have done/should have known about her health. Maybe she'd still be here if I were a better pawrent, I think, though I know I shouldn't have such thoughts. … [Read more...]

Green acres is the place to be

If I had a C-note for every time someone has said to me, "What a big change for you" when they heard I was moving/moved from San Francisco to Rutherford, well, I could buy a vineyard—though probably not in the Napa Valley. Moving 63 miles was not a big change distance wise, nor has it been that big of a change for me personally; of course it's only been a week. In Rutherford, I drive on the same side of the road as I always have and speak the same language too. Moving here was not nearly as … [Read more...]