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Kelly E. Carter is never at a loss for words--whether writing or speaking. The Director of Communications for Alpha Omega winery is a New York Times bestselling author, former editor of Haute Living Magazine San Francisco, Founder of The Jet Set Pets® and an Italophile who toted her posh pooch Lucy around the globe. As a speaker, Kelly dazzles audiences with tales of her trail-blazing journey to award-winning sportswriter to celebrity reporter to pet travel expert. Her debut book, Come to Win, co-authored with tennis phenom Venus Williams, hit the bestseller list. She followed that feat up with The Dog Lover's Guide to Travel, released by National Geographic Books and which earned Kelly a prestigious Lowell Thomas Award. She toils away on her memoir, Bellini for One, detailing her and Lucy's two-year Italian adventure.

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Bellini for One
Come to Win
The Dog Lover’s Guide to Travel
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Kelly is never at a loss for words. Book her for an editorial project, speaking engagement or interview. Request Kelly

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Thanks Obama

#ThanksObama. I have never been sad about the end of a U.S. presidential era until now that President Barack Obama’s second and final term has ended. Oh, how I already miss the classy Barack and Michelle Obama. My unhappiness has nothing to do with incoming president Donald Trump and the divisiveness and uncertainty his win has caused around the country and the globe. I truly didn’t want the Obamas to go because I see me when I look at them. [Read More…]

I Believe Donald Trump Accuser Natasha Stoynoff

I never hesitated to believe Natasha Stoynoff when I first read that she was the People reporter who accused Donald Trump of forcing himself on her in December 2005. Natasha’s unsettling, first-person account now explains why I, and not she, was assigned to interview Donald and Melania Trump for People in April 2006. [Read More…]

Two Years Without Lucy, the Best Petsetter Ever!

Today marks the second anniversary of the unexpected loss of Lucy, the best petsetter ever! Honestly, I thought today was the third anniversary. It seems like the hole she left in my heart has been there for much longer than 730 days. I constantly relive the shocking moment when she took her last breath and died as I held her. Why won’t that memory fade? Do I want it to? [Read More…]