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Kelly E. Carter is a New York Times bestselling author, Founder of The Jet Set Pets® and an Italophile who globe trots with her posh pooch Lucy. As a speaker, Kelly dazzles audiences with tales of her journey to award-winning sportswriter to celebrity reporter to pet travel expert. Her latest book, The Dog Lover's Guide to Travel, was released by National Geographic Books on April 1, 2014 and is available in stores now.

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Kelly and Maureen at Obika in Rome, 2005

A writer’s blood, sweat and tears

I’m writing this blog post on an airplane as I fly from San Francisco to Puerto Vallarta for a four-day stay at Casa Aramara, a fabulous villa that just became available to the public. Well, the public that can afford its $15,000-$30,000 nightly rate. I’m not a one-percenter, but instead a freelance travel writer on a press junket with other journalists whom I will meet when I land. [Read More...]

Kelly E. Carter The Dog Lover's Guide to Travel

Dog Lovers on tour

Dog lovers get ready! Coming soon to a city near you: New York Times bestselling author Kelly E. Carter, with her jetsetting pooch Lucy, signing copies of her newest book, The Dog Lover’s Guide to Travel.  And maybe not. [Read More...]

The Marco Chronicles

The Marco Chronicles stirs memories

What a pleasure it was for an Italophile like me to read The Marco Chronicles: To Rome, without Love, written by my friend Elizabeth Geoghegan. I don’t know which delighted me more, finding out what a talented writer Elizabeth is or taking a trip down memory lane by remembering my own encounters with several Stefanos during my two-year stint in Italy. [Read More...]