Rainout on the Countdown

I must be living right! I awoke today to steady rain this morning and the dread of sitting in inclement weather to watch a baseball game. But there was no way to back out. My friend Stacie had agreed to pony up $86 each for two tickets for us to share our virgin experience of Yankee Stadium together before I head back to L.A. on May 12. This says a lot because Stacie is no sports fan. She's a fashion chick and while the two do mix in a lot of cases - not this one. She has little to no interest … [Read more...]

Yankee Stadium makes it a trifecta countdown!

I was not supposed to write about visiting the new Yankee Stadium, on my list of things-to-do-before-I-leave-New York City, until AFTER I attended this Sunday's game. But two days ago, I was invited to stop by tonight to sip cocktails made with Tommy Bahama Rum at Tommy Bahama's Bar at the new Yankee Stadium then take a private stadium tour. I didn't let the fact that I already had tickets for an upcoming game and had a Mets' game that afternoon stop me from saying yes. Complimentary cocktails … [Read more...]

Countdown marches on: Citi Field

I am not a baseball fan  but I am a fan of eating junk food at ballparks, which is why I wanted to check out the Mets' new Citi Field before I leave New York.  I had been to Shea Stadium one time during my four-year stay in New York. I took my pooch Lucy a few summers ago when the Mets had a "Dog Days" promotion, where fans could pay $5 per pet to bring their dog and the money went to an animal shelter. That was fun. Lucy and I ended up on the JumboTron during the 7th inning stretch. Her dog … [Read more...]