The Dog Lover’s Guide to Travel

pet travel expert Kelly E. Carter The Dog Lover's Guide to Travel National Geographic

The Dog Lover's Guide to Travel, written by New York Times bestselling author Kelly E. Carter, is National Geographic’s ultimate resource for traveling with your furry friend. This 280-page tail-all, which earned Kelly a prestigious Lowell Thomas Award, features hundreds of dog-friendly places to pamper your pooch, from doggie daycare to canine cruises. Special features include walks you can take with your dog, insider tips from local pet parents on how to best enjoy their area with a pup, and … [Read more...]

Bye, bye belly

Close your eyes and visualize this: A toothpick that swallowed a lemon. Now open them and you will see how I see myself, which is why I have decided to have tumescent liposuction today. I'm 50 years and three days old. But the decision to do lipo didn't just hit me because of my age. Those of you who know me have put up with me complaining about my belly for years. When I texted the news to a girlfriend in Chicago whom I've known since the 80s, she texted back: "Awesome Girl!!! I'm surprised … [Read more...]

Embracing my inner Italian

Open my freezer and you'll likely only find ice. I haven't bought a loaf of bread or salad dressing in over six years. I go to the grocery store once or twice a week, buying only what I need for the next couple of days. I take daily naps. I believe wine is a food group. When I cook dinner at home, I eat my salad after my main course. A stick of butter lasts me for weeks yet I can go through olive oil by the vat. These thoughts come to my mind after reading a post on my friend Maureen Jenkins' … [Read more...]

Cheers to the best brunch in Los Angeles

I told Chef Jose Andres that he's lucky he's married, because otherwise I'd propose to him. I had just finished devouring his delicious brunch at the The Bazaar by Jose Andres at SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills yesterday and was caught up in the delectable culinary experience that I imagined him serving me the exact same brunch in bed every weekend. Okay, so it won't happen. That means I'll just have to become a regular at brunch, offered on Saturdays and Sundays. I first met Chef Jose (and his … [Read more...]

Where does Michael Jackson go from here?

I can't decide what my favorite memory of the sensational Michael Jackson memorial is. I do know that it oozed class and that I want Jennifer Hudson to sing at my memorial, which I hope is not any time soon. From the Oscar winner, who makes singing look so effortless, belting Will You Be There to Rev. Al Sharpton being at his best to Paris Michael Katherine Jackson speaking from her heart and reminding all of us that Michael was just "Daddy" to her to Jermaine Jackson's teary-eyed rendition of … [Read more...]