Eat Pray Love: Take Two

Count me among the over six million people to buy Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat Pray Love. And count me among the many who didn't finish theĀ  New York Times bestseller. My gold Oleg Cassini bookmark is right where I left it three years ago. On page 72. It would seem that I, of all people, would be able to relate to Liz's story for I too had moved to Italy on a quest. But unlike Liz, who embarked on a "search for everything" after her marriage failed, I went to eat, drink and pray for love. And she, … [Read more...]

Counting down the chicken bones

As soon as I walked out of my front door last night, en route to the Art Bar in the West Village for my going away party, I heard music blaring from a parked car. Now that winter is over, the natives are getting restless and beginning to hang out at night. I am leaving just in time. Just as I was silently counting my days until I lived in civilization again, I spotted, just three buildings down from mine, a lone chicken bone on the sidewalk. I whipped out my BlackBerry and snapped the … [Read more...]

How much is that doggy in the window?

Maybe it's me being my usual grouchy self, but I am fed up with strangers coming up to me while I'm walking Lucy and asking me how much I paid for my dog. It is none of your business! I would never dream of asking a stranger how much they paid for anything. It's rude, or at least that's the way I was brought up. But in New York, rudeness knows no boundaries. I never got this question when I lived on the Upper East Side, where the residents are more refined. It's only in Harlem and when I lived … [Read more...]