Rainout on the Countdown

I must be living right! I awoke today to steady rain this morning and the dread of sitting in inclement weather to watch a baseball game. But there was no way to back out. My friend Stacie had agreed to pony up $86 each for two tickets for us to share our virgin experience of Yankee Stadium together before I head back to L.A. on May 12. This says a lot because Stacie is no sports fan. She's a fashion chick and while the two do mix in a lot of cases - not this one. She has little to no interest … [Read more...]

The countdown begins: Coney Island

My days in New York are numbered. I've done nearly a year's time in Harlem and will soon be paroled for adequate behavior. I'll miss this wonderful and exciting concrete jungle called Manhattan. Although I've done a lot in my nearly four years here, there's still so much more to see and do. In between working and packing I'm getting out to check out some of the things I've put off. Being a hot dog lover, a visit to Coney Island to eat a hot dog at Nathan's was atop my last things to do list. I … [Read more...]

Ghetto or practical?

kelly e carter

I was appalled when I looked out of my kitchen window yesterday and saw a makeshift refrigerator on the window sill of a neighbor's apartment a few yards away. Egg nog, poultry and who knows what else adorned the window sill in the 24 degree weather. I'm sorry but this is ghetto! But it's what I have come to expect living in Harlem, where I reluctantly moved last May. For all the hoopla over the gentrification of Harlem, it still has so very far to go. I speak as an outsider, not someone who … [Read more...]