Two Years Without Lucy, the Best Petsetter Ever!

Today marks the second anniversary of the unexpected loss of Lucy, the best petsetter ever! Honestly, I thought today was the third anniversary. It seems like the hole she left in my heart has been there for much longer than 730 days. I constantly relive the shocking moment when she took her last breath and died as I held her. Why won't that memory fade? Do I want it to? … [Read more...]

Eat Pray Love: Take Two

Count me among the over six million people to buy Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat Pray Love. And count me among the many who didn't finish theĀ  New York Times bestseller. My gold Oleg Cassini bookmark is right where I left it three years ago. On page 72. It would seem that I, of all people, would be able to relate to Liz's story for I too had moved to Italy on a quest. But unlike Liz, who embarked on a "search for everything" after her marriage failed, I went to eat, drink and pray for love. And she, … [Read more...]

A promotion for Marsha!

I thought about blogging about my thoughts on what in the heck qualifies Caroline Kennedy to be my U.S. Senator, other than the fact that she might be able to raise a few pennies for my cash-poor state. But then I got sidetracked with the Iraqi reporter who threw his shoes at President Bush. I wondered how this would affect journalists at press conferences in the future. Will we have to remove our shoes and check them at the door? One of the co-hosts on "The View" said this shoe-throwing … [Read more...]