Did Nancy O’Dell take a stand against smut?

If it's true that Nancy O'Dell is bolting Access Hollywood because she thinks the show has taken a turn for the sensational worse as People reports, then I applaud her.  I decided in the fourth grade to become a journalist and am sometimes embarrassed for what passes for journalism these days. Before I get on my high and mighty horse, let me say that in the past I have helped contribute to the slinging of gossip but there's a tipping point for everyone. There's news, gossip and getting down and … [Read more...]

Did Publishers Weekly lose its cotton pickin’ mind?

My mouth dropped open when I saw this image on the Dec. 14 cover of Publishers Weekly. While I love the creativity of the Lauren Kelley image itself, it has no place on the cover of a trade magazine touting what's new in African-American books. In an article titled PW's African-American Cover Image: Black Beauty or Big Mistake, Calvin Reid, a senior editor, explained his reasoning for selecting this image, the back story on the image and writing the questionable cover line. The image was … [Read more...]

The countdown lands at the Double Eagle Steak House

I hadn't put Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House on my list of things I must do before I leave NY because it is a restaurant I have frequented often during the past 4 years. And there are plenty of great steakhouses in LA. There is no Yankee Stadium or Coney Island in Cali. But last week when I received an email from Lori, who introduced me to Del Frisco's a few years ago, saying we have to go to Del Frisco's before I leave, I gave it some thought. And not just because I coincidentally was … [Read more...]