Remembering Mandela and South Africa

When people find out I'm a travel writer, often the first question posed to me is "Where should I go?" Without hesitation, I always respond "South Africa because it has something for everybody." ┬áThe country is on my mind even more with the passing of the great Nelson Mandela. … [Read more...]

Did Amanda Knox’s Italian beau work against her?

Today's Oprah featured the parents of Amanda Knox defending their daughter who was sentenced to 26 years in prison for the death of her British roommate Meredith Kercher. I didn't follow Amanda's murder trial in Perugia, Italy closely enough to have an opinion on whether evidence proved her guilty of murdering her roommate. And as unsettling as it was to hear the guilty verdict last December, deep down I wasn't surprised. I never thought she'd get off, even if she was innocent. As much as I love … [Read more...]

Precious is easier to treasure than I expected

I first heard about the film Precious: Based on the novel called "Push" by Sapphire while covering New York Fashion Week's in February 2008. Director Lee Daniels, producer Sarah Siegel-Magness and newcomer actress Gabourey Sidibe were backstage at one of the shows I covered and we were introduced. I already knew Lee from Monster's Ball, not that he remembered me. His new project didn't interest me much. Instead, I wondered if Mariah Carey, who is in the film and a good friend of Sarah's, would … [Read more...]

So proud of you Shaun

There are people who talk about making a difference and those who are making a difference. I put Shaun Robinson in the latter category. The weekend co-host of Access Hollywood has written her first book, Exactly As I Am: Celebrated Women Share Candid Advice with Today's Girls on What it Takes to Believe in Yourself. A slew of boldface names like Oprah, Vanessa Williams, Olympian Dara Torres, Queen Latifah, Nancy Pelosi, Celine Dion and Eva Mendes are among those to share their words with Shaun, … [Read more...]