Pomegranate margaritas to invade Sunset Strip

Have I been under a rock? Rosa Mexicano is opening a second location in L.A.! Why am I just now learning of this? Between preparing for the any-day-now official launch of  The Jet Set Pets, my new luxury pet travel website,  still trying to survive as a freelance journalist during a time when good reporting is no longer valued and trying to make Bellini for One, my memoir detailing my two-year experience living in Italy, a reality I haven't had time to stay on top of my food blogs. So I was … [Read more...]

Embracing my inner Italian

Open my freezer and you'll likely only find ice. I haven't bought a loaf of bread or salad dressing in over six years. I go to the grocery store once or twice a week, buying only what I need for the next couple of days. I take daily naps. I believe wine is a food group. When I cook dinner at home, I eat my salad after my main course. A stick of butter lasts me for weeks yet I can go through olive oil by the vat. These thoughts come to my mind after reading a post on my friend Maureen Jenkins' … [Read more...]

My hair is good enough for me

It's apropos that I saw Chris Rock's new documentary/comedy "Good Hair" on a day when I wrestled with what to do with my natural hair. Should I straighten it for a  two-question television shoot to make myself more acceptable-looking to viewers or be myself? First of all let me say that I really enjoyed the movie, which opens in theaters in October. There are some things I would have changed were it my movie but it's not. And I understand why Chris did what he did. I don't want to get … [Read more...]

Oz is no wizard at moving

Oz Moving and Storage calls itself the wizard of moving but I, for one, dispute that. If it was a wizard, my goods would have been here already. Instead, I sit and wait. It's been two weeks since it picked up my shipment in New York. Maybe the company got confused and thought I wanted to store my stuff. How else do you explain my belongings sitting in a NY warehouse for 10 days while I wear the same clothes and try to explain to an editor that my story is not ready because I accidentally packed … [Read more...]

Even Mickey Ds costs more in Manhattan

One of the most e-mailed New York Times' articles today just happens to be the one I read first when I settled onto my chaise, balancing a big bowl of bran with bananas, raisins and 2% milk in hand while knowing I'd be safer at the dining table. The headline grabbed me: You Try to Live on $500K in This Town The story basically shows how it is impossible for bank CEOs in New York to live on $500,000, which President Obama wants those top execs whose companies accept government bailout money to … [Read more...]