Dogs trending now

Reading Susan Orlean's opinion piece in today's New York Times on the decline in popularity of the German Shepherd sent me back to my childhood when our family had a German Shepherd. I don't remember much about that dog except that he wasn't with us very long -- unlike our darling French poodle, who was part of our family until her death. The one thing I do remember about the German Shepherd was his bark being so forceful that it once knocked down the Christmas cards perched on the fireplace … [Read more...]

Eat Pray Love: Take Two

Count me among the over six million people to buy Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat Pray Love. And count me among the many who didn't finish the  New York Times bestseller. My gold Oleg Cassini bookmark is right where I left it three years ago. On page 72. It would seem that I, of all people, would be able to relate to Liz's story for I too had moved to Italy on a quest. But unlike Liz, who embarked on a "search for everything" after her marriage failed, I went to eat, drink and pray for love. And she, … [Read more...]

“Come to Win” debuts on New York Times bestseller list

Rhonda Byrne better watch out. Come to Win is on a mission to move up the list and overtake The Secret. … [Read more...]

Did Nancy O’Dell take a stand against smut?

If it's true that Nancy O'Dell is bolting Access Hollywood because she thinks the show has taken a turn for the sensational worse as People reports, then I applaud her.  I decided in the fourth grade to become a journalist and am sometimes embarrassed for what passes for journalism these days. Before I get on my high and mighty horse, let me say that in the past I have helped contribute to the slinging of gossip but there's a tipping point for everyone. There's news, gossip and getting down and … [Read more...]

Even Mickey Ds costs more in Manhattan

One of the most e-mailed New York Times' articles today just happens to be the one I read first when I settled onto my chaise, balancing a big bowl of bran with bananas, raisins and 2% milk in hand while knowing I'd be safer at the dining table. The headline grabbed me: You Try to Live on $500K in This Town The story basically shows how it is impossible for bank CEOs in New York to live on $500,000, which President Obama wants those top execs whose companies accept government bailout money to … [Read more...]