Glamming it up with Badgley Mischka

Kelly E. Carter, Mark Badgley, James Mischka

Sometimes invitations are just impossible to refuse. Such was the case when I was invited to the fall opening of the American Ballet Theatre in New York.  Not just invited but invited to sit with the dynamic designing duo that comprise Badgley Mischka. Not just sit with them but to wear their couture gown I had recently bought at their Beverly Hills boutique. … [Read more...]

A note to Candy Spelling

Candy Spelling dahl-ing, I can certainly relate to your life these days. You're giving up your 56,500 square feet Holmby Hills manse to move into 16,500 square feet of condo space in Century City. I had to do the same. Well, maybe your dimensions are larger but our percentage is somewhat similar. When I moved to Italy, I gave up my nearly 2,000 square-foot townhouse with a backyard and garage for much smaller digs for a year in Florence then 15 months in Positano. Afterward, I spent four years … [Read more...]

Counting down the chicken bones

As soon as I walked out of my front door last night, en route to the Art Bar in the West Village for my going away party, I heard music blaring from a parked car. Now that winter is over, the natives are getting restless and beginning to hang out at night. I am leaving just in time. Just as I was silently counting my days until I lived in civilization again, I spotted, just three buildings down from mine, a lone chicken bone on the sidewalk. I whipped out my BlackBerry and snapped the … [Read more...]

The countdown continues: Empire State Building

Sometimes bad things happen for a reason and we don't initially know why. Today was one of those days. The morning started off with me very proud of myself for awaking early enough to walk the dog, hit the gym for an hour, take a bubble bath and eat breakfast before making it to my 10 am movie screening of "My Life in Ruins" on Broadway and 49th with 10 minutes to spare. My perfectly planned day was on track and I wasn't rushed for once. Imagine how pissed off I was when I was told there was no … [Read more...]