Bye, bye belly

Close your eyes and visualize this: A toothpick that swallowed a lemon. Now open them and you will see how I see myself, which is why I have decided to have tumescent liposuction today. I'm 50 years and three days old. But the decision to do lipo didn't just hit me because of my age. Those of you who know me have put up with me complaining about my belly for years. When I texted the news to a girlfriend in Chicago whom I've known since the 80s, she texted back: "Awesome Girl!!! I'm surprised … [Read more...]

Pigging out but avoiding the pig

I'm just home from the American Wine & Food Festival.  The first thing I did when I walked through my door was turn on ESPN to catch up on  today's college football games scores (congrats Trojans!!!). With nothing else on until the 11 p.m. news, I decided to watch the Food Network for the first time ever. REALLY. I know there are many people addicted to the Network. People who have no interest in cooking find it therapeutic to watch cooking shows and they're chef groupies. I've been a … [Read more...]

You can’t cheat the Master Cleanser

In case you've wondered how come I haven't Twittered or Tweeted about or posted a photo of my latest, greatest dish while on L.A.'s dining scene, it's because I haven't eaten since Tuesday. Well, that's not entirely true. I started Stanley Burroughs' Master Cleaner, a.k.a the Lemonade Diet, last Wednesday so I could get rid of my nagging belly -- again. I did it two years ago and loved the results. And I was soooo good two years ago. I never cheated. This time? Well, not so much. Day 1: I grew … [Read more...]