Getting run over by a jitney was not on the countdown!

My countdown of things to do before I leave New York continued with an unexpected adventure yesterday. Just like I had never been to the top of the Empire State Building until last week, I had never had my foot run over by a livery cab driver and taken to a hospital emergency room in an ambulance until last night either. The misadventure began after 7 p.m. as my friend Karen and I got in a livery cab in Harlem. She put a heavy box in the middle of the seat and I went around to the other side to … [Read more...]

The countdown lands at the Double Eagle Steak House

I hadn't put Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House on my list of things I must do before I leave NY because it is a restaurant I have frequented often during the past 4 years. And there are plenty of great steakhouses in LA. There is no Yankee Stadium or Coney Island in Cali. But last week when I received an email from Lori, who introduced me to Del Frisco's a few years ago, saying we have to go to Del Frisco's before I leave, I gave it some thought. And not just because I coincidentally was … [Read more...]

Leave me alone AARP!

There it was. In my mailbox. Hiding behind my monthly ConEdison bill. I quickly closed my mailbox and locked it, leaving both envelopes inside. This was something I wasn't prepared to deal with. I returned home several hours later, opened the mailbox and it was still there. I grabbed the two pieces of mail and dropped them face down on the dining room table. I still wasn't ready to deal with it. Finally, this morning I opened the white envelope with red lettering. AARP CARD … [Read more...]