Is it time to meet his mama?

Just as Layne and I were complaining vehemently about Tropea men not knowing how to properly treat women, we go out Saturday night and meet due fratelli (two brothers) who show us a good time and can teach these men around here a thing or two.   We met them at a restaurant when Paolo fell innamorato (in love) with me at first sight. Seriously. He couldn’t take his eyes off of me the entire time. Eventually his group, which included his fun brother Giampiero and a quieter friend, Carlo, joined me … [Read more...]

My conversation with Ellen Burstyn

I'm probably  jaded but for the most part covering the celeb angle at the inauguration for USA Today was no different than covering any other celeb event. I'm sure had I been assigned one of the 10 official balls then I wouldn't write this because I would have hopefully been inside to see the First Couple dance to "At Last." Instead, I spent last night at a charity ball thrown by the Recording Industry Association of America and Feeding America. The bash, at Ibiza nightclub, turned out to be … [Read more...]

Should “finding a man” be a New Year’s resolution?

Jetsetter with a petsetter

Those of you who know me personally are very familiar with my dating woes, which I don't believe in hiding in hopes that maybe one of you will take pity on me and set me up on a blind date. With that in mind, I want to share with you an e-mail I just received from a female acquaintance, who wrote: I think you are extremely talented and a very interesting human being.  It shocks me that you have been dateless in 'o8.  I have a feeling that men are intimidated by you.  You will find the right … [Read more...]