Precious is easier to treasure than I expected

I first heard about the film Precious: Based on the novel called "Push" by Sapphire while covering New York Fashion Week's in February 2008. Director Lee Daniels, producer Sarah Siegel-Magness and newcomer actress Gabourey Sidibe were backstage at one of the shows I covered and we were introduced. I already knew Lee from Monster's Ball, not that he remembered me. His new project didn't interest me much. Instead, I wondered if Mariah Carey, who is in the film and a good friend of Sarah's, would … [Read more...]

Do you need to free your mind?

While I'm on the subject of dating and race: I couldn't wait to meet up with my neighbor Angela on Tuesday morning. We walk to and from the gym together three times a week. It wasn't so much that I was anxious to work out on this particular day but I couldn't wait to get the scoop from her on the "Free Your Mind: The Black Girl's Guide to Interracial Dating" seminar she attended on Sunday. I wasn't interested in attending the seminar because as someone who has never restricted myself to only … [Read more...]

A personal encounter with “Miracle on the Hudson”

I didn't care about hormone replacement therapy so I decided not to watch Oprah's show yesterday and take a nap instead. A flock of geese had other ideas. Just as I was getting ready to climb into bed for two hours of much-needed sleep, my BlackBerry rang. The caller ID showed it was Time Inc., which told me little. Was it InStyle magazine wanting to hire me? Bucky in the Human Resources office with a job? Essence wanting me to resume the Original Gossip Girl blog? Or People magazine wanting … [Read more...]