When only a wig will do

The other day I Tweeted " A bad hair day...even for me. No time for taming of the 'do. This is when a wig comes in handy." My Tweets go directly to Facebook and one of FB my buddies wrote "Don't do it, Kel. Wear your hair like it is." Of course it was a man. So easy for him to say. I sometimes think men are absolutely clueless when it comes to a woman and her hair. Maybe he thought I was going to wear plop something outrageous, like an Elvira or Tina Turner wig, atop my head. Not hardly. My … [Read more...]

Solange takes it all off

Four hours before my eyebrow appointment on Tuesday I received a Tweet, courtesy of the Eyebrow King Damone Roberts, that Solange Knowles was just in to have her brows sculpted to go with her new shaved head. I missed seeing Solange's new look and had to wait until the first photos surfaced today. I think I like her new look, which is right on time with my post from yesterday. I give Beyonce's little sis' mucho credit for being herself while living in the weave-obsessed world of entertainment. … [Read more...]

My hair is good enough for me

It's apropos that I saw Chris Rock's new documentary/comedy "Good Hair" on a day when I wrestled with what to do with my natural hair. Should I straighten it for a  two-question television shoot to make myself more acceptable-looking to viewers or be myself? First of all let me say that I really enjoyed the movie, which opens in theaters in October. There are some things I would have changed were it my movie but it's not. And I understand why Chris did what he did. I don't want to get … [Read more...]