To Italy and back in a few days

I'm back from Italy! And this time I didn't even need my passport. You may not have even realized I was gone but I was. At least in my mind as I read Susan Pohlman's delightful book Halfway to Each Other: How a Year in Italy Brought Our Family Home, which I just finished this morning and had to write about because I was so moved. If you read the "postcards" I wrote when I lived in Italy then you may recall Susan. I shared her inspirational story then and continue to do so every time a parent … [Read more...]

Eat Pray Love: Take Two

Count me among the over six million people to buy Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat Pray Love. And count me among the many who didn't finish theĀ  New York Times bestseller. My gold Oleg Cassini bookmark is right where I left it three years ago. On page 72. It would seem that I, of all people, would be able to relate to Liz's story for I too had moved to Italy on a quest. But unlike Liz, who embarked on a "search for everything" after her marriage failed, I went to eat, drink and pray for love. And she, … [Read more...]

Embracing my inner Italian

Open my freezer and you'll likely only find ice. I haven't bought a loaf of bread or salad dressing in over six years. I go to the grocery store once or twice a week, buying only what I need for the next couple of days. I take daily naps. I believe wine is a food group. When I cook dinner at home, I eat my salad after my main course. A stick of butter lasts me for weeks yet I can go through olive oil by the vat. These thoughts come to my mind after reading a post on my friend Maureen Jenkins' … [Read more...]

Rainout on the Countdown

I must be living right! I awoke today to steady rain this morning and the dread of sitting in inclement weather to watch a baseball game. But there was no way to back out. My friend Stacie had agreed to pony up $86 each for two tickets for us to share our virgin experience of Yankee Stadium together before I head back to L.A. on May 12. This says a lot because Stacie is no sports fan. She's a fashion chick and while the two do mix in a lot of cases - not this one. She has little to no interest … [Read more...]

Well, when in Rome…

Why was not I surprised to see the headline, "Tuscan city bans ethnic eateries, fast food," over the top of a recent AP story on USA Today's website? The city in question is Lucca. Not exactly Rome, Florence or Venice but a big draw because of its native son Puccini, whose operas I adore. I spent a day in Lucca once and was amazed at how quiet it was inside its historic medieval center. I mean no one made a sound. Now I think there was a ban against speaking. According to the story: Officials … [Read more...]