Pomegranate margaritas to invade Sunset Strip

Have I been under a rock? Rosa Mexicano is opening a second location in L.A.! Why am I just now learning of this? Between preparing for the any-day-now official launch of  The Jet Set Pets, my new luxury pet travel website,  still trying to survive as a freelance journalist during a time when good reporting is no longer valued and trying to make Bellini for One, my memoir detailing my two-year experience living in Italy, a reality I haven't had time to stay on top of my food blogs. So I was … [Read more...]

Did Publishers Weekly lose its cotton pickin’ mind?

My mouth dropped open when I saw this image on the Dec. 14 cover of Publishers Weekly. While I love the creativity of the Lauren Kelley image itself, it has no place on the cover of a trade magazine touting what's new in African-American books. In an article titled PW's African-American Cover Image: Black Beauty or Big Mistake, Calvin Reid, a senior editor, explained his reasoning for selecting this image, the back story on the image and writing the questionable cover line. The image was … [Read more...]

Don’t miss the point on Erin Andrews’ nude video

When I heard the news about ESPN sports reporter Erin Andrews' privacy being violated by someone secretly recording her nude in her hotel room, I was flabbergasted. Not because I, as a former sportswriter of 11 years and former sports reporter for CNN-SI, was reminded of the sexual harassment my female colleagues sometimes endure while trying to do their jobs.  I was outraged because I'm a frequent traveler who spends many nights in hotel rooms. If Erin's nude body isn't safe undressing in her … [Read more...]