Getting run over by a jitney was not on the countdown!

My countdown of things to do before I leave New York continued with an unexpected adventure yesterday. Just like I had never been to the top of the Empire State Building until last week, I had never had my foot run over by a livery cab driver and taken to a hospital emergency room in an ambulance until last night either. The misadventure began after 7 p.m. as my friend Karen and I got in a livery cab in Harlem. She put a heavy box in the middle of the seat and I went around to the other side to … [Read more...]

Yankee Stadium makes it a trifecta countdown!

I was not supposed to write about visiting the new Yankee Stadium, on my list of things-to-do-before-I-leave-New York City, until AFTER I attended this Sunday's game. But two days ago, I was invited to stop by tonight to sip cocktails made with Tommy Bahama Rum at Tommy Bahama's Bar at the new Yankee Stadium then take a private stadium tour. I didn't let the fact that I already had tickets for an upcoming game and had a Mets' game that afternoon stop me from saying yes. Complimentary cocktails … [Read more...]

The countdown continues: Empire State Building

Sometimes bad things happen for a reason and we don't initially know why. Today was one of those days. The morning started off with me very proud of myself for awaking early enough to walk the dog, hit the gym for an hour, take a bubble bath and eat breakfast before making it to my 10 am movie screening of "My Life in Ruins" on Broadway and 49th with 10 minutes to spare. My perfectly planned day was on track and I wasn't rushed for once. Imagine how pissed off I was when I was told there was no … [Read more...]