Top Suites of Paris

elite traveler may/june 2013 kelly e carter top suites of paris

All roads might lead to Rome, but the suite action in fabled Paris, from new to freshly renovated, classically ornate to contemporary chic, demands a lengthy layover. In this cover story, Kelly E. Carter showcases the top suites of Paris. View the entire story here: Top Suites Paris ET May June 2013 … [Read more...]

Bye, bye belly

Close your eyes and visualize this: A toothpick that swallowed a lemon. Now open them and you will see how I see myself, which is why I have decided to have tumescent liposuction today. I'm 50 years and three days old. But the decision to do lipo didn't just hit me because of my age. Those of you who know me have put up with me complaining about my belly for years. When I texted the news to a girlfriend in Chicago whom I've known since the 80s, she texted back: "Awesome Girl!!! I'm surprised … [Read more...]

Without health everything is nothing

SHA Wellness Clinic motto

I'm on what the beau calls my WST, or World Spa Tour. We're not talking spas where people go just to get a massage, a facial and seaweed wrap. Rather where folks go to detox, lose weight, retain their youth and for medical purposes. My research is for a story that will appear in Elite Traveler's September/October 2012 issue. Yes, it's a plum assignment but it's also one that makes me focus much more on my health and wellness as I encounter the 1 percenters who can afford to stay at such places … [Read more...]

It’s time for a tune up

Now that I’m several months shy of a milestone birthday, it’s time for me to get my butt in gear. I expect to look a certain way when that big day comes in November and I won’t accept anything less. We all have our standards and mine are high. I thought I was my worst critic until I saw the experts at SHA Wellness Clinic on Spain's Mediterranean coast. After hearing from Dr. Ken Prange that my nerves were frayed and that the excess of refined sugar I consume is apparent in my fingernails and … [Read more...]

Luxury looks more like me, finally

In three days the United States' first African-American president takes the Oath of Office. This month a dark-skinned beauty graces the cover of Elite Traveler for the first time. What a country. It's not often, OK, let's just be real: I have never seen a woman with coffee bean skin on the cover of an American luxury travel magazine. I'm sure somewhere supermodel Alek Wek covered one but I never saw it. So imagine my surprise (and glee) when I received my January/February issue of Elite … [Read more...]