A writer’s blood, sweat and tears

I'm writing this blog post on an airplane as I fly from San Francisco to Puerto Vallarta for a four-day stay at Casa Aramara, a fabulous villa that just became available to the public. Well, the public that can afford its $15,000-$30,000 nightly rate. I'm not a one-percenter, but instead a freelance travel writer on a press junket with other journalists whom I will meet when I land. … [Read more...]

Come to Win

Come to Win

Combining talent, drive, and hard work, Venus Williams has mastered the game of tennis. How will that drive serve her off the court in her post-tennis career? For inspiration, Venus turned to nearly fifty business leaders, politicians, doctors, and artists, all of whom previously played competitive sports and who are now at the top of their professions, and asked them the essential questions: What principles that inspired you toward success as an athlete are helpful in life? In business? In … [Read more...]

Now that The Jet Set Pets has launched

I can't believe that it's been five months since I've updated this Eat, Drink and Pray for Love blog! Well, I have a good reason for neglecting my personal ramblings: my pet project, literally, The Jet Set Pets. Finally, after 13 hard months, The Jet Set Pets finally┬álaunched in March. I don't know which was more challenging: delivering the manuscript for Come to Win or building a website. Just like the hard work Venus Williams, the publisher Amistad (an imprint of Harper ┬áCollins) and I put … [Read more...]

“Come to Win” debuts on New York Times bestseller list

Rhonda Byrne better watch out. Come to Win is on a mission to move up the list and overtake The Secret. … [Read more...]

Who rocked it better: Venus or me?

I love tennis phenom/fashion designer/businesswoman/author Venus Williams' latest tennis outfit, which she rocked in Key Biscayne this week. It reminds me of my Sexy Devil costume from last Halloween. Maybe it's because of the amount of time we spent working together on her upcoming book, Come to Win, that we're now dressing alike. … [Read more...]