Solange takes it all off

Four hours before my eyebrow appointment on Tuesday I received a Tweet, courtesy of the Eyebrow King Damone Roberts, that Solange Knowles was just in to have her brows sculpted to go with her new shaved head. I missed seeing Solange's new look and had to wait until the first photos surfaced today. I think I like her new look, which is right on time with my post from yesterday. I give Beyonce's little sis' mucho credit for being herself while living in the weave-obsessed world of entertainment. … [Read more...]

Hanging with soon-to-be Mr. Prez at the Lincoln Memorial

Just time for a quick note as I'm on the go. Today I hung out with Barack Obama  on the  National Mall. There was a really cool "We Are One" concert with U2, Beyonce, Jack Black, Ashley Judd, Forest Whitaker, Garth Brooks, Samuel L. Jackson and a ton of other folks at the Lincoln Memorial. It was free and open to the public. About 750,000 turned out. Check out the crowd that stretched all the way back to the Washington Monument: Every time the screen flashed to the Prez-elect, the crowd … [Read more...]

Should “finding a man” be a New Year’s resolution?

Jetsetter with a petsetter

Those of you who know me personally are very familiar with my dating woes, which I don't believe in hiding in hopes that maybe one of you will take pity on me and set me up on a blind date. With that in mind, I want to share with you an e-mail I just received from a female acquaintance, who wrote: I think you are extremely talented and a very interesting human being.  It shocks me that you have been dateless in 'o8.  I have a feeling that men are intimidated by you.  You will find the right … [Read more...]