Did the lone black couple have to be so stereotypical?

I've become a huge Vince Vaughn fan over the years so when the opportunity came to check out his new flick Couples Retreat last night, I jumped at it. I liked what I saw in the trailer and once I was at the theater I screamed with laughter. The script was a little disjointed but what do you expect? The only thing that really bothered me is how the lone black couple was portrayed.  The man (Faizon Love) was grossly overweight, broke and had bad credit. His PYT was ghet-toe, 20 years old, worked … [Read more...]

Looking inside the mind of a killer

It's not like I didn't have enough to do this week but when I saw a link to "Full Text of Gym Killer's Blog" blog on nypost.com, I couldn't resist clicking on to get inside George Sodini's head. Anyone who really knows me knows how fascinated I am with crime, especially murder. Here was the chance to peek inside the sick mind of a mass murderer. Sure,  I had heard bits and pieces about his blog on television but knew I wasn't being told enough. I didn't want the sanitized version. Give it all … [Read more...]

Thank you ABC News for clearing Barack

When I awoke this morning and checked Twitter, I saw a friend's tweet about President Barack Obama being "McNaired" in a photo. I could only imagine what compromising position our Prez had found himself in while at the G8 conference in Italy, where womanizing gets a pass. I didn't have to wait long to find out. At that moment ABC's Good Morning America showed a humorous segment about a photo being taken out of context. The photo appears to show Obama and French President Nicolas Sarzoky … [Read more...]

Is Barack Obama obligated to speak about Michael Jackson?

One of my Facebook friends' wrote in her status box that she "is planning on moving out of the country if Prez Obama attends Michael Jackson's funeral. Ridiculous." Strong words. Curious to see what her FB buddies thought of her post, I clicked on her page to read the comments. Three friends seconded her statement with one writing "enough of the Michael Jackson story... Why can't the media (and government) focus on the real issues?" Another gave it a thumbs up. The other day I chatted with … [Read more...]

Even Mickey Ds costs more in Manhattan

One of the most e-mailed New York Times' articles today just happens to be the one I read first when I settled onto my chaise, balancing a big bowl of bran with bananas, raisins and 2% milk in hand while knowing I'd be safer at the dining table. The headline grabbed me: You Try to Live on $500K in This Town The story basically shows how it is impossible for bank CEOs in New York to live on $500,000, which President Obama wants those top execs whose companies accept government bailout money to … [Read more...]

You didn’t think I braved the cold, did you?

Now that I'm back from the inauguration festivities everyone who didn't go wants to hear stories about what it was like. I wish I could say I awoke at 4 a.m. on Inauguration Day, put on five layers of clothes,  stuffed my gloves with hand warmers and my Uggs with toe warmers and walked a few blocks from my hotel to the Lincoln Memorial to get a good spot to watch the Jumbotron as Barack Obama was sworn in as the nation's 44th President. That I huddled with the others as we tried to keep each … [Read more...]

Farewell D.C.; good luck O

Well that's it. D.C. is now a memory. Albeit a fond one. I am on the train back to New York, with Etta James playing in my ear on my iPod. I bet Barack and Michelle won't care if they never here "At Last" for another year after last night. It is quiet on the train. Everyone is probably as exhausted as I am after being drunk on Obama juice for the last few days. I spent part of today walking from the Capitol to the Lincoln Mall. Although images on television showed the National Mall crammed … [Read more...]

My conversation with Ellen Burstyn

I'm probably  jaded but for the most part covering the celeb angle at the inauguration for USA Today was no different than covering any other celeb event. I'm sure had I been assigned one of the 10 official balls then I wouldn't write this because I would have hopefully been inside to see the First Couple dance to "At Last." Instead, I spent last night at a charity ball thrown by the Recording Industry Association of America and Feeding America. The bash, at Ibiza nightclub, turned out to be … [Read more...]

Yes, there are crowds – just deal with it

This is what it was like stepping off the Metro at the Foggy Bottom station as I tried to get to my hotel yesterday. Everybody was headed to the free concert at the Lincoln Memorial. It took me about 15 minutes to get to daylight. Everyone had a good attitude about the Barack Obama inaugural madness but you know there's always one sourpuss in the crowd. One woman commented about all of the "tourists" in town. I mentioned to her that I am a tourist and us "tourists" are bringing a lot of … [Read more...]

Remembering MLK Jr.

I hate to admit but, as an adult, I don't think I've ever listened to and read Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech in its entirety. Until today. Of course since being out of school I've seen and heard snippets but I never sat down to watch and read the nearly 17-minute speech from beginning to end at a time when I could really comprehend the words. I can't think of a more meaningful time and place to do that than now. I am in my hotel room a few blocks from the Lincoln Memorial … [Read more...]