Train 101

The last post ended with me at the counter in the dining car ordering orange juice. After the gentleman behind the counter told me he had nothing left except what I saw on the counter, I spotted a ginger ale and ordered it with a cup of tea. He filled my order and I presented my biz class ticket stub since the conductor had told me that ALL non-alcoholic beverages were complimentary to biz class customers after he saw an empty cup on my tray table. He asked if I had paid for it and I told him … [Read more...]

D.C.-bound 199

  I fell asleep after the post below and was awakened by a woman who asked if the seat next to me was occupied. I was sleeping so well, sprawled out over two seats, until she tapped me several times. I pulled off my eye shades and asked here where are we. She said Phily. I tried to collect my thoughts as her and her gabby friend who sat on the other aisle seat realized they were in business class. They got up and left. Thanks for waking me up. Just as well. I was thirsty and made my … [Read more...]

Managing one’s inaugural expectations

  The thought of spending 3 hours on a train from New York to Washington, D.C. with a bunch of Obama supporters excited me. As tired as I am, I had already decided that I would forego sleep in order to converse with others who will witness history. I envisioned train riders telling stories, laughing, crying and sipping wine. Instead I sit on Amtrak 199 struggling to stay awake. Where is everybody? Where's the giddiness? Where are the black folks? And where is the damn crew? We … [Read more...]