It’s Mamba Day! Kobe, thank you for the memories

Kobe Bryant went from punk to prince during his phenomenal career as a Los Angeles Laker. I was fortunate enough to witness the transformation. On Mamba Day, as Los Angeles prepares to bid a fond farewell to the mega-superstar athlete in his final NBA game on April 13, capping 20 years of wearing purple and gold, I’m remembering my moments with him as I fly down to LA to cheer for him one last time. … [Read more...]

Hobnobbing with Kobe Bryant, Margrit Mondavi and Marchese Piero Antinori

kobe bryant hublot watch kelly e. carter

The last couple of months have been strange ones for a jetsetter like me. Accustomed to flying often, I traded in my wings for wheels as I made multiple driving trips to Napa to work on the Auction Napa Valley issue of Haute Living and to Monterey County to research the July/August issue pegged to Monterey Car Week and the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. Along the way, I encountered boldface names like Kobe Bryant, Marchese Piero Antinori and Margrit Mondavi. … [Read more...]

Day in the Life of Andre Iguodala

Ever wonder what an NBA player does when he's not playing or practicing? You'll find out when you read this Day in the Life feature on Andre Iguodala, a forward with the Golden State Warriors, that appears in the November/December issue of Haute Living Magazine San Francisco. I wanted to interview because he's really into making tech connections as he wisely thinks about his future. You'll find out which tech titans he's gotten to know since signing with the Warriors, what he does when he's at … [Read more...]

Me and CP3

Kelly E. Carter and Chris Paul

After nearly 30 years of interviewing boldface names, it takes a lot to impress me. Clippers guard Chris Paul managed to do nearly the impossible when I sat down to interview him recently for American Way. The article is scheduled to run on the cover of the Feb. 1, 2014 issue of American Airlines' in-flight magazine. … [Read more...]

Remembering Lakers owner Jerry Buss

Jerry Buss

It's no secret that Los Angeles Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss loved pretty girls. After he passed away, even Earvin "Magic" Johnson Tweeted, "I will always remember Dr. Buss’ big smile, his love for the @Lakers, for poker & billiards, for the City of LA and for beautiful women." I first met Dr. Buss because of the latter. I don't write this to toot my own horn. I was 28 years old, 6-foot-1, a size 6, better than average looking and liked to party. At the time I was a sportswriter at the … [Read more...]

Female sports journalists shouldn’t have to wear burkas

When I Tweeted that I was reluctant to cheer for fellow Trojan Mark Sanchez and his New York Jets in tonight's Monday Night Football because of the Ines Sainz scandal, a male colleague sent me this SMS to my mobile: Love to talk about Jet/female journalist thing. I think she sets u all back with inappropriate "work" attire. No excuses for boorish behavior. But you would never dress like she does and expect to be taken seriously. A lot of women like u paid dues and would not wear painted jeans to … [Read more...]

Next time I’ll ignore the little man

I’m minding my business, wearing a pink Betty Boop tank top, Levis jean mini-skirt and Target flip-flops, waiting for my take-out lunch at Viva Fresh, anxious for my first Mexican food and Bud Light Lime in several weeks due to my travels to Italy, France and Monaco. A short white man, 60ish I suppose, approaches me and says, “You’re so tall and I’m so short. How tall are you, 6-foot-2?” “No, 6-foot-1.” I stare down on his pink scalp and make the mistake of asking him how tall he is as I try … [Read more...]

Did Nancy O’Dell take a stand against smut?

If it's true that Nancy O'Dell is bolting Access Hollywood because she thinks the show has taken a turn for the sensational worse as People reports, then I applaud her.  I decided in the fourth grade to become a journalist and am sometimes embarrassed for what passes for journalism these days. Before I get on my high and mighty horse, let me say that in the past I have helped contribute to the slinging of gossip but there's a tipping point for everyone. There's news, gossip and getting down and … [Read more...]

Weighing in on Michael Vick

I rarely miss CBS' 60 Minutes and I'll be sure to tune in this Sunday to watch James Brown's interview with Michael Vick.  Not that I need to wait until Sunday to find out what Michael says. He'll express remorse and apologize. Say that he learned his lessons and did a lot of thinking while in the pokey for 18 months. Wayne Pacelle, head of the Humane Society of the U.S., will say how animals deserve to be treated better than what Vick did and it's his company's job to see to it that people … [Read more...]