Two Years Without Lucy, the Best Petsetter Ever!

Today marks the second anniversary of the unexpected loss of Lucy, the best petsetter ever! Honestly, I thought today was the third anniversary. It seems like the hole she left in my heart has been there for much longer than 730 days. I constantly relive the shocking moment when she took her last breath and died as I held her. Why won't that memory fade? Do I want it to? … [Read more...]

Everybody Loved Lucy

Everybody loved Lucy, my longhair Chihuahua who passed away unexpectedly on Sept. 21 at the age of 13. Attitude. Sass. A sense of self-importance. The aloofness of a cat. Personality up the wazoo. Lucy had it all – along with a healthy dose of cuteness that combined to endear her to so many people worldwide. How my diva dog packed it all into that pint-sized body of hers, I’ll never know. … [Read more...]

A writer’s blood, sweat and tears

I'm writing this blog post on an airplane as I fly from San Francisco to Puerto Vallarta for a four-day stay at Casa Aramara, a fabulous villa that just became available to the public. Well, the public that can afford its $15,000-$30,000 nightly rate. I'm not a one-percenter, but instead a freelance travel writer on a press junket with other journalists whom I will meet when I land. … [Read more...]

Dog Lovers on tour

Kelly E. Carter The Dog Lover's Guide to Travel

Dog lovers get ready! Coming soon to a city near you: New York Times bestselling author Kelly E. Carter, with her jetsetting pooch Lucy, signing copies of her newest book, The Dog Lover’s Guide to Travel.  And maybe not. … [Read more...]

Upstaged by a big dog

Kelly E Carter pet travel expert

Actors know never to work with a baby or dog because they know they're going to get upstaged. Journalists need to be aware also, otherwise you could end up like me and my pooch Lucy. We were upstaged by an unusual-looking, big dog named Bird, whose personality and stature outshines my pint-sized pup's cuteness. … [Read more...]

Dogs trending now

Reading Susan Orlean's opinion piece in today's New York Times on the decline in popularity of the German Shepherd sent me back to my childhood when our family had a German Shepherd. I don't remember much about that dog except that he wasn't with us very long -- unlike our darling French poodle, who was part of our family until her death. The one thing I do remember about the German Shepherd was his bark being so forceful that it once knocked down the Christmas cards perched on the fireplace … [Read more...]

I Love Lucy!

Today would have been Lucille Ball's 100th birthday and in honor of this amazing actress, there's an I Love Lucy marathon running on the Hallmark Channel that is keeping me up. I hope to see the hilarious wine-making episode in Italy, which is much more relevant to my life now than when I first saw it decades ago. Personally, I would rather drink wine that stomp grapes to turn into wine but I understand there are wineries that let you stomp grapes and pretend to be Lucy in Turo, Italy. Few … [Read more...]

Weighing in on Michael Vick

I rarely miss CBS' 60 Minutes and I'll be sure to tune in this Sunday to watch James Brown's interview with Michael Vick.  Not that I need to wait until Sunday to find out what Michael says. He'll express remorse and apologize. Say that he learned his lessons and did a lot of thinking while in the pokey for 18 months. Wayne Pacelle, head of the Humane Society of the U.S., will say how animals deserve to be treated better than what Vick did and it's his company's job to see to it that people … [Read more...]

How much is that doggy in the window?

Maybe it's me being my usual grouchy self, but I am fed up with strangers coming up to me while I'm walking Lucy and asking me how much I paid for my dog. It is none of your business! I would never dream of asking a stranger how much they paid for anything. It's rude, or at least that's the way I was brought up. But in New York, rudeness knows no boundaries. I never got this question when I lived on the Upper East Side, where the residents are more refined. It's only in Harlem and when I lived … [Read more...]

Welcome to Kelly’s Korner

Welcome to my blog. I feel like I've finally stepped into the 21st century. For someone who has disdained the word "blog" for so long, it's still a little hard to believe that I now blog. Just like I shake my head every time I realize that Barack Obama really was elected President of the United States. But this isn't about politics. It's about me, my favorite subject, and Lucy, who well, can't get away from me. She'll have her own blog in time but for now it's just me. I'll keep you up to date … [Read more...]