Lucy rip squareHello,

I’m Lucy, not Gizmo from The Gremlins. Please don’t make the mistake of confusing me with a yappy Pomeranian or a butterfly-looking Papillion. Or worse yet, some mixed breed mutt. I’m a purebred, longhair Chihuahua. My father was once ranked No. 7 in the country and my mother, well, um, never mind about her lack of pedigree so let’s move on.

I once heard on a dog show (of course I watch them!) that longhair Chihuahuas have a rather high opinion of themselves. I’m more than happy to uphold the reputation of my breed. Don’t you think I’m much prettier than those rat-looking, smooth coat Chihuahuas? And I’ve got more attitude. Everyone just deals with it because I’m so cute, a word I hear so often all over the world that I now consider it my middle name.

How did I become the world’s most lovable pooch? Well, I had the extreme good fortune of joining Kelly’s home in November 2001 after nine months at a breeder in Pasco, Wash. Personally, I don’t know why anyone would want to give a pup as adorable as moi but I’m glad she did. Kelly jokes that she rescued me from the breeder but I think I was the one who rescued her by bringing such joy to her dreary life. Anywho, Kelly picked me up at the airport in Pasco and the next thing I know, I was on my first flight. Since then, Kelly and I have been practically inseparable. I’m so international that I have an Italian passport and have let people give me a belly rub in Italy, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Martinique, France, the Netherlands and Monaco, just to name a few places. My name was changed to Lucia when we moved to Italy, where I picked up Italian in no time. I just love the way the Italians sing their words. (Sometimes I purposely ignore commands in English and only respond to Italian just so I can keep hearing the beautiful language.)

I’ve traveled by plane, train, helicopter, bus, scooter, car, boat and scooter – and rarely in coach on a long haul flight. I’ve hung out on yachts in St. Tropez and Cannes and been a guest at villas, private islands and some of the finest hotels, including Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris, the Cavalieri in Rome, the Carlyle in New York, Esperanza Resort and Las Ventanas al Paraiso, a Rosewood resort, in Cabo San Lucas, the St. Regis Monarch Beach and Le Byblos in St. Tropez. My personal fave is Esperanza because I enjoyed my first massage – on the terrace. The first time is always special, isn’t it? A handsome man gave me a soothing massage in a suite at Trump in Las — oops! I’m not supposed to tell what happened in Vegas. Just know that I’m perfectly-suited for the good life.

It’s no wonder that I was the inspiration behind The Jet Set Pets®, where I’m the Top Dog for the luxury travel source for pampered pets on the go. As the ultimate petetter, I bark about my pet-tastic life on my Everybody Loves Lucy™ blog.

Click here to see my “Lucy on the Go” photo album on Facebook. Watch me at the W Hotel in Westwood in the video below. Then scroll down to learn even more about me and see photos of me with A-list stars.


Because I’m so well-behaved, I’ve been able to enjoy an array of events, such as an off-Broadway play, the cinema, fashion shows, restaurants, the Playboy Mansion, sporting events, film festivals in Cannes and Venice and even a Jewish wedding on New York’s Upper East Side. There’s no where you can’t take me, except to China and that’s by choice. I don’t want to end up being an appetizer at dinner or the collar on someone’s jacket.

Oh how I love doggy style. Get your mind out of the gutter! I’m talking fashion. Fifi & Romeo in Los Angeles is my fave boutique and my preferred designer when I strut the cat walk in doggie fashion shows. Yes, I model too. Maybe you saw me modeling a pet carrier in People magazine?

Although I’m a star in my own right, I’m still shocked when I make gossip columns. Once I was pictured with Michael J. Fox in Mike Walker’s “All the Gossip” column in the National Enquirer. And Roger Friedman, then with Fox News, wrote about Salma Hayek kissing me at BAFTA’s Tea Party, a pre-Golden Globes soiree. The Mexican starlet also saw me in Cannes and insisted on holding me while doing a television interview. Style guru Steven Cojocaru thought I was the perfect accessory to carry when he did a Fox television interview about fashion at the Academy Awards. When I see a camera, whether still or video, I’m more than willing to oblige.

Scroll down to see a partial viewing of my photo album with boldface names, including Beyoncé, Halle Berry, Susan Sarandon, Goldie Hawn, Jamie Foxx, Denzel Washington, Patti LaBelle, Dakota Fanning, Elizabeth Hurley, Jennifer Aniston, Vivica A. Fox, Andie MacDowell, Kelly Rowland, Nelly, Verne Troyer, Traci Bingham and Olivier Martinez to drop a few names. Someday you’ll read about my moments with the glitterati. I don’t like to kiss and tell but did you know that I got a kiss from Olivier long before Halle.

Once I overheard someone ask Halle what she wanted for Christmas. She said, “I want a Lucy.”

She’s not the only one. Everybody loves Lucy. Attitude and all.






I made my modeling debut in People magazine’s Mother’s Day gift guide. But I’m sure the readers were disappointed to find out that I didn’t come with the stylish Sherpa bag.


Do you see me in the arms of Michael J. Fox? Of course the National Enquirer got the story about us wrong but what do you expect?

I’m so international that I made a magazine in Sweden. Check me out strolling down La Croisette in Cannes. I was one of the more normal looking sights during the film festival.      

Sometimes I wish the media would just run my photo and not write anything about me because reporters always get the story wrong. I was not in my owner’s coat like Roger writes here. I was in my fancy Fifi & Romeo carrier. But at least he did call me “pretty cute” after that insulting “semi-rodent of a canine” phrase.