Haute Living SF Unveils Its 2016 Haute 100 List

The Haute Living San Francisco March April 2016 issue features the annual Haute 100 list, spotlighting 100 of the most powerful people in the San Francisco Bay Area. Narrowing the list, which includes a whopping 33 billionaires, down to 100 is never an easy task considering how many movers and shakers are in the region.

Haute 100 Haute Living San Francisco March/April 2016 coverFrom the list, philanthropist/interior designer Ann Getty, three Michelin-starred chef Corey Lee of Benu and AT&T President Ken McNeely are featured. We photographed Mrs. Getty at the famous Getty mansion in Pacific Heights. By the end of the day, I think I pretty much knew my around the manse, which is something to see with all of its hidden doors and antiques that many museums would be proud to have in its possession.

I sat down with Lee at Benu, where his staff was in the kitchen prepping away. I’ve never dined at the restaurant but I dropped enough hints about saving my money  up so I could in hopes that he would invite me in for a complimentary meal. No such luck! This little tidbit didn’t make my story but I was curious as to what his staff eats during the family meal since the ingredients are so expensive at his $248 per person (plus an automatic 20% service charge) eatery, which is open five nights a week.

He told me, “At lunch what we do is we do a compost smoothie—basically that’s all the food and vegetable trimmings from prepping. We puree that up and have this large smoothie and that’s our lunch. It’s the most direct form of compost that you can think of because it’s straight to the body. That’s the most energy saving way of composting.

“We’ve been doing that since day one. When people first start, they’re like, ‘Really, that’s your lunch?’ After you have that for a few weeks you can’t imagine not having that for lunch. You feel so much lighter.  You have more energy and it’s very healthy. We do vegan four days a week.”

Thanks to my background as a sportswriter and being quick on my feet, I was able to find an interesting connection between McNeely and Michael Jordan. You’ll have to read my story to find out what it is.

To read the digital edition of the entire March/April 2016 Haute 100 issue, click here.

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