Remembering Wilkes Bashford

Being that I've only been in the Bay Area a few years, I didn't know the iconic Wilkes Bashford nearly as long or as well as so many of the people whom I'm certain are shedding tears—just like me—as they learn of his passing. Yet in the short amount of time that I've been here, he touched me like few have in my lifetime, for that was the kind of man Wilkes Bashford was—so incredibly kind, giving, loving and downright honest. … [Read more...]

Pomegranate margaritas to invade Sunset Strip

Have I been under a rock? Rosa Mexicano is opening a second location in L.A.! Why am I just now learning of this? Between preparing for the any-day-now official launch of  The Jet Set Pets, my new luxury pet travel website,  still trying to survive as a freelance journalist during a time when good reporting is no longer valued and trying to make Bellini for One, my memoir detailing my two-year experience living in Italy, a reality I haven't had time to stay on top of my food blogs. So I was … [Read more...]

A promotion for Marsha!

I thought about blogging about my thoughts on what in the heck qualifies Caroline Kennedy to be my U.S. Senator, other than the fact that she might be able to raise a few pennies for my cash-poor state. But then I got sidetracked with the Iraqi reporter who threw his shoes at President Bush. I wondered how this would affect journalists at press conferences in the future. Will we have to remove our shoes and check them at the door? One of the co-hosts on "The View" said this shoe-throwing … [Read more...]